Tuesday 4 June 2024

Norway 2024 Balestrand

The village was very poplar with artists and lots of their houses still stand today along the edge of the fjord. In recent years the village has created a heritage walk along the length of the village by installing information boards by each of the houses of note.


The house was built around 1877 by Rasmus Valentinsen, a fabric dyer by trade. He and his daughter lived there until she died in 1983. After her death there was some uncertainty surrounding the house as it was old and needed maintenance. A local soul, Alvhild Tveit, wanted to salvage and restore it with the purpose of cultural events and exhibitions. She succeeded in raising funds to restore it and in the late 1980s the house was restored.

Other things of note was this rest area on the edge of the fjord, it has changed a
bit since it was first given to the people of Balestrand
Not far from our hotel was a wooden church built very much like the old Norwegian Stave churches, but this one was constructed in memory of an English lady Margaret Kvikne the wife of the hotel owner.


IMG_0528One of the things about villages in Norway is they don’t have letter boxes in their doors, but have a small structure roadside that contains several mail boxes for the houses close by so the postman doesn’t need to visit every house.

On the shore line, set on top of one of 7 burial mounds is another statue given to the village by Wilhelm II depicting a figure from the ancient saga of  Fritjor the Warrior 


One of Balustrade’s  main claims to fame is that the German Emperor Wilhelm II use to visit quite regularly as he was close friends with one of the artists who had made their home here. He even had statues erected, the largest being on the opposite bank of the fjord at Hella. This stands 10.5m high and is on a 12 m high base so can be seen from some distance.   To actually reach this statue our coach driver reversed up between the fields of a market garden, I don’t think it was intended for coach assess.

      Some views of the village  
IMG_20240515_093526IMG_0256IMG_20240514_102530 IMG_0294 IMG_20240509_093927IMG_0535 IMG_0533 IMG_20240509_181651IMG_20240509_114201

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